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  tashkent Tour Packages

Tashkent is an ancient city on the Great Silk Road from China to Europe and a capital of Uzbekistan. It’s a tourist destination to explore central Asia most beautiful city. The city is beautifully designed by emerald Green Park, gardens, Fountains, lakes and lofty mountains, crystal strand and many more. Enjoy your Tour Package of Tashkent, to chuck out some worthy places.

Tashkent is a leafy soviet city, mud walled houses and bustling bazaars. There is a lot to explore as travelers in Tashkent as it a famous destination place for tourists. Cultural city with ample of museums and visual arts. World famous cuisines and restaurants so you people never get off with the food. You will experience a best nightlife in this city. Tashkent is worthy place to visit with the Holiday tour packages.

You will find an escape with various fun activities like river rafting, skiing, hiking and wildlife photography in the national park and zoo. You will get engage yourself with the travel agent and book your Adventure tour package of Tashkent. If you are history lover, listen the stories and explore the city with tour guides. The ancient history of this place is really interested.

The highlights of these places mostly include the museums like mosque in the Hast Imam area, the History Museum, the Fine Arts Museum of Uzbekistan, the Museum of Applied Arts, the Amur Timur Museum, the Tashkent Galley of Modern Art and many more. You will find the visualize arts in many ways and many sightseeing destination with the sightseeing tour packages of Tashkent.

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