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Having a Road Trips adventures are the dream of every wanderers and India give many to explore in the different states. In India, so many roads are beautifully architecture just for a ride to different place and the journey between one places to another has gives you a memories, the distance you covered and the time you spend with your Friends matters and a key point to make memories. There are so many roads which are beautifully designed covered with trees and the snow filled mountains. Here we are talking about 25 amazing road trips full with of beauty and adventure. Let’s have a look: 1 Delhi - Manali – Leh: This is a heaven for every next bikers and every biker’s first love. This gateway has its own value of beauty. It is always accompanied by gorgeous landscapes in the Himalayas. This route via Bike is one of the best Routes in India and every daring traveler must take once in a life. 2 Mumbai to Goa: If you love the reel road which you have seen in different movies then you must love the real one too even more. In this route, you will explore many scenic places, food courts, Western Ghats, a complete entertainment with full of adventure. Best time to take this trip is between December and January. 3 Jaipur to Ranthambore: It is the trip where you can enjoy the traditional culture; seek wildlife adventure and most delicious Rajasthani cuisines. Huge numbers of people flock to Ranthambore just to spot a tiger. It is one of the decent routes where you will find many Dhabas and shops to explore. 4 Guwahati to Tawang : Biking under the mountains or mountain roads is such a amazing thing to do. Guwahati and Tawang both places are places under the foothills of Himalayas. While biking, you will strike a breathtaking taking view of snow clad mountains. Witness the marvels of Buddhist culture. Driving up the winding paths on the hills between march and October require skill and experience. 5 Ahmedabad to Kutch : This trip is gateway to mesmerizing white horizons, stunning landscapes and barren desert for miles. One must surely visit the Wild Ass Sanctuary and the nearby Hodko village to buy local handicrafts. Best Time to visit between October and march and try to come at time so you can feel the witness of full moon in kutch. 6 Delhi – Agra – Jaipur : A golden triangle road trip is a golden memories of every person and Now you can take a trip by Yamuna express way which is a massive stretch of smooth and clean route. The three culturally and historically rich cities offer a great many vistas for travellers, including the Taj Mahal at Agra and the numerous monuments at Jaipur. Food options are available at this route. 7 Gangtok to Nathang Valley: This route is commonly known as old silk route of trade fostered the exchange of Oriental and Western civilizations. This route via bike gives you stunning views of Mt. Kanchenjunga and beautiful landscapes of snow and hill. Here also you can witness the beautiful lakes and the entire winding route from Thambi View Point at this route. 8 Jaipur To Jaisalmer : A journey from pink city to golden city in Rajasthan via Road is one of the spectacular journey in India. While travelling from one colorful city to golden one, many villages are lined across. You can experience the wildlife adventure at kumbalgarh wildlife sanctuary on the way. 9 Dehradun to Nainital : the journey from hills to lakes are the most beautiful and scenic in all ways. Travelling under the snow clad mountains, mesmerizing views of valleys, nature’s wonders enjoying weather moving from one beautiful place to another with many turns and twists. 10 Chennai to Pondicherry : It is amongst the best Road trips in India which fetch to many memories and great experience. On this route, you will enjoy the beautiful sand beaches and coconut water. Here you can make the stopover at Mahabalipuram to enjoy the sandy surfy beaches and delicious cuisines. 11 Banglore to Coorg : It is a delightful journey for nature’s lovers. Coorg is one of the best hill stations in south surrounded by the Ghats , provides stunning views of vistas. 12 Banglore to Munnar : This route is full of windmills and scenic waterfalls on each sides with coconut trees lining on the roads. It has beautiful landscapes of tea gardens, wooden bridges along with delicious mouth watering south Indian Cuisines. 13 Darjeeling to Pelling : Travelling in a lofty mountains and taking the refreshment of fresh Tea near the tea gardens. Picturesque landscapes and windy roads are the key point of this road trip. 14 Mumbai to Mount Abu : This journey gives you an experience of three different states Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan. Explore the unique and colorful culture of different places and delightful people. 15 Kolkata to Kumaon : The incredible view of mountains and greenery and the snow clad mountains peaks are the beauty via road enroute to kumaon. It is a journey of redefining the meaning of phrases. 16 Ahmedabad to Diu : An amazing journey from Gujarat’s largest city to its popular Union Territory. The trip will take you through Gujarat’s biggest metropolis, various religious centers and Jain temples, to the sea-side town that is a favorite among beach lover Indians. 17 Chennai to Yelagiri : Nature lovers would simply fall in love with this fairy-tale like road trip that takes them through the becharming greens, hills, and water attractions of the South. Courtesy the numerous forested hills and dangerous-looking trekking trails, the road trip is very popular amongst bikers. 18 Mumbai To Tarkali : It is a best trip to escape which is looked by everyone in their busy life. Tarkarli makes for a fabulous road trip destination with its clean, pristine beaches, water sports, mountains, waterfalls, & stunning views of the night sky. You will surely experience the awesomeness of the trip. 19 Delhi to Jaipur : It is perfect weekend gateway to the colorful city with pink glitters. It is place where you can experience the mix of culture, heritage and tradition. 20 Hyderabad to Kannur : It is one of the best road trips in South which gives you nature’s retreat , serene and private beaches of kannur. Here you can experience historical influence of nizams. 21 Kolkata to Digha : It is trip which is full of picturesque landscapes, green patches , sun and the sea. A smooth road covered with fgreenery on the each sides . here you wil find the various food options. 22 Delhi to Mussoorie : Enroute to the queen of hills are one of the best journey via road where you can ex[erience and explore the beauty of snow clad mountains , valleys and mandering rivers with waterfalls. It is simple mesmerizing green pastures, streams and awful scenic beauty which attracts thousands of tourists across India. 23 Kolkata to Puri : journey to the spiritual city of lords via road is such a religious and soothing journey without any fear and hurdles. People who wanting to relax and spend their time in a peaceful atmosphere, this trip is a bang on experience. You can experience the amazing sunset from the shores of the puri. 24 Delhi to Rishikesh : It is journey of adventure seekers where they can perform the enthralling adventures and live their dreams. A well takes journey of all who loves to travel and love adventure. Here rugged Terrains, daring tracks, river rafting, trekking and many more or we can say you will find unlimited adventure. 25 Mumbai to Pune : The four over- long tunnels on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and the fantastic views of the Western Ghats makes this road trip an memorable experience. The best time to take this road trip for a once in a lifetime experience is between August & March. Here is a list of some breathtaking road trips which will help you to get the experience one. So just pack your bags and ready to take an enthralling journey of road trips.

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