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6 Safest And Best Places To Travel Alone In South India

6 Safest And Best Places To Travel Alone In South India

We people always planning to travel to different cities with our friends specially bachelors. We are always in hurry to explore the beauty of nature and many more. We made many attempts to picking up the destination and ended with a smile on face but when the time has come to leave for a beautiful journey, the plan has crashed somehow and that stage you will think “I wish I had come alone!” So, this blog helps to find out the cities you travel alone and make your dream come true of experience of solo travelling and trust me, you will never bored. When it comes to talk about solo traveling and exploring different beautiful and hidden places, South India has many destinations to discover which is also safe and must visit as a solo traveler. Sometimes the best travel companion you can have is your own self. Wandering down the streets, stopping at the random spots and explore the different views with capturing the shots. The most beautiful part of solo travelling is you can get the time for your own and you can collect your thoughts and memories. To kick start your solo travel, start with south India which has six most famous destinations and truly owed for solo travelling. Here is a list of destinations below:  Hampi  Gokarna  Varkala  Ooty  Pondicherry  Yelagiri Hampi is a beautiful Historical place to explore where some temples and monuments are beautifully designed that marks the history. Hampi is a rocky wonderland, once a vijaynagar capital the city now ruins but a prime and active spot on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is a riches treasury of Monuments, Temples and ancient vestiges. The Virupaksha Temple is the popular temple in Hampi and a most wanted Tourists spot. Around the site, other famous destinations and temples are Krishna Temple, Ganesha Temple, Vitthala Temple, Zenana Enclosure, the Lotus Mahal, Elephant Stables and the Queen’s Bath. Gokarna Is a small town beach in Karnataka which is very pristine and picturesque atmosphere which matches the beauty of Goa. It is a destination of every solo traveler. Gokarna beaches are quite and free from crowd where you can collect your thoughts and explore your own present life. Be it the expansive bay of Kudle Beach side by woodlands on one end, the silence and calmness of the rocky Paradise Beach, you are spoilt for choice in the city. Besides the beaches, there are also a lot of religious sites and Hindu temples in Gokarna where you can observe the Dravidian architecture or summon the spiritual voice in you. Varkala is a place where you can walk on the sea shores with miles of the blanket of Blue Ocean, the serene place for solo traveler in a list of south Indian destinations. It is place situated between Alleppey and Kovalam, a lesser known destination which is budgetable and truly beautiful to explore the solo journey. Explore the awe-inspiring temples and forts like Janardhana Swamy Temple, Anjengo Fort, Vishnu temple and Sivagiri Mutt to study and marvel at their architecture. Ooty is a place where you can enjoy the panoramic view of lofty mountains and wide Tea Gardens. Ooty is also known as queen of hills. The town is well suited for nature lovers, adventure seekers, Wildlife adventure and surreal waterfalls. Go for a joyful journey of Ooty Botanical garden where you can explore the variety of flora and fauna. Old Fossilized tree are the popular attractions of tourists. You can enjoy the toy train ride, rides through the dark tunnels and across the Nilgiri Hills. At last but not the least, ooty is incomplete without tasting the delicious white chocolate. Pondicherry is a dream destination for solo travelers where you can find the European Boulevards, expansive beaches, Cool cafeteria, and Hippie tracks. This place has everything; you can stay lonely at the beach and relax as much as you can, If you are fond of adventure sports, parasailing and surfing at the paradise beach and swimming at the promenade beach. This place has a marked history of colonial times as white building and architecture, European style streets gives you a glance of old ancient times. Also, for a soul cleansing experience, you can Visit Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Yelagiri is abundant with the natural beauty and the quaint hills station which is less crowdy and quite. This place is dotted with the forests. All wildlife lovers will love this place and explore the beauty of alluring landscapes. Solo Travelers will love to do the wildlife photography and you can get the different options to explore and discover your talent in truly different styles. From Viewpoints to Lakes, Yelagiri has everything. A visit to Punganoor Lake is a perfect place to begin your journey. You can explore the short trek of Swami Malai Hills for a pleasant experience. Nature Park is the other beautiful destination where you can explore the artificial cascading waterfall; a multicolored musical fountain, fish aquarium and a bamboo house are also within the park confines

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