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Famous Beaches In Port Blair

Famous Beaches In Port Blair

Beaches always are best destinations to spend holiday with family and partner. The energy at these places always on high Rate. Shimmer Green water, smooth sands, rocks and greenery all are just alluring beauty of nature and other like pretty cottages, coconut trees and exciting water sports makes this place just wonderful. However, there are many captivating and most popular beaches in Port Blair which are serene and pristine other than the private holidays for honeymooners. Being a beach Capital of India, it is a place where can live your life with full of enthusiasm under the clear sky and the pristine beauty which makes your day more and more beautiful. Let’s discuss about some most interest and popular beaches in Andaman and Nicobar Island: Radhanagar Beach: - Asia best and world’s seventh beach and situated in the Havelock Island. It is one of the most popular and tourist friendly beach in Havelock Island. Its white sparkling sand, turquoise water, green deep forest filled with mangrove trees makes it a perfect place to roam, relax and explore with your loved ones. Elephanta Beach: Elephants is another famous beach at Havelock Island. It is adorned with the navy color water, relaxing a neighboring and smooth sandy shore which makes this place scenic and amazing to spend vacations. Kala Pathar Beach: It is beautiful beach covered with silvery sand and aqua green waters which makes this place enchanting and outlandish for the tourists. Corbyn’s Cove: It is one of the most unspoiled in Andaman which is full of coconut trees. You can explore many water sports here like scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing etc. Wandoor Beach: Wandoor beach is the most charming and popular beach at Andaman which is also a gateway of Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park, a perfect place to explore marine adventure. It is a paradise for a nature’s lovers and picturesque destination for tourists. Ross and Smith Island Beach: It is only twins Beach which is connected by imposing sand bars in Diglipur. It is one of the most scenic and alluring beaches in Andaman. Laxmanpur Beach: it is one of the beaches which attract tourists on a high rate. Smooth sand, lush green forest, Coral shells with crystal green water makes this place more impressive. It is a place where you can experience the view of sunset. Lalaji Beach: it is one of the longest beaches in Andaman, a long rambling white sandy with crystal clear water. It treats you like a soul to body completely with their beauty. Amakunj Beach: It is one of the beaches very popular to spend the evening and get together with the people. IT is an eco tourism destinations India. Karmatang Beach: one of the clean beaches at Andaman fills with the beauty of emerald green forest and turquoise color water. Port blair in Andaman is a place full of beaches, adventure, sightseeing and many more. The list is just endless and you will never beat the fever of andman in your life. Many other beaches like Vijayanagar beach, Baludera beach, Kalipur Beach, Harminder bay beach etc. in port Blair where you can visit and make your journey memorable. Plan your trip and explore many water sports and marine life with full of adventure.

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