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How To Prepare For A Trek In Nepal 9 Step Guide

How To Prepare For A Trek In Nepal 9 Step Guide

In this post, we give tips on how to prepare for a trek in Nepal. How tough a trek depends on various factors, such as the length of the trek, the place, the weather and how much weight you are carrying. It’s actually not only important to be fit and there are a lot more things to consider when you’re going on a trek. Where you can go on a trek in Nepal Nepal is a heaven for trekkers as there are numerous treks which they can choose from. There are many popular trekking destinations in Nepal such as Everest Base Camp or many treks in Annapurna. Nepal offers various types of treks such as short treks, long treks, difficult treks and easy treks. If you love trekking then Nepal is a must go place for you. Contact the local travel agent of your area and he will guide you properly and let you know how can you plan your trip to Nepal and enjoy trekking. Best time to visit Nepal for trekking Best time for trekking in Nepal is between October and November. Theis is the peak season in Nepal. You will enjoy trekking during these months as the rains of the monsoon will have cleared the sky and there is often high visibility. Your health should be good before you plan your trek in Nepal A trek is a good way to stay fit but you have to be healthy before planning your trek in Nepal. Plan your fitness routine weeks or months before your trek. You must start walking as much as you can. We wouldn’t advise going on a very intense trek in Nepal if you are already out of breath after walking up some stairs. Book a tour or plan your own trek in Nepal It is totally up to you whether you wish to plan your own trek or get it booked. You can book your trek online with the best tour operator in your area. The best way to plan a great trip is to contact the best tour operator and seek what they have in store for you. Before trekking in Nepal, work out is best Trekking is a good way to stay healthy but you cant trek comfortably if you are not in shape. By the word shape, we don't mean that you should have six-pack abs, it's just that you should be in a good condition. Mental preparation is a key for trekking Trekking can be way much harder as you think. It's not just a warm bath of bubbles. It can become much tougher as time passes So, idea is that you should be fully aware of the pros and cons of trekking in Nepal before you head for it. Do a complete r&d of trekking and prepare Do a culture study about Nepal It is recommended that you study about different cultures of Nepal. This would really help you in getting familiar with local people which will help you make a connection with them. Get your vaccinations right for Nepal Some of the vaccinations are necessary for your trip to Nepal. Consult your doctor before you head towards Nepal. Major vaccinations are: Hepatitis A Hepatitis B Typhoid Fever Japanese Encephalitis Malaria (in certain areas) Rabies Polio Meningococcal Meningitis Be ready for some altitude sickness Heights and altitudes are always adventurous and exciting for most of us. But with great adventure comes few risks. So we should prepare ourselves for altitude sickness. Here are some altitude sickness. Headaches Dizziness Loss of appetite Nausea/vomiting Fatigue/no energy Insomnia

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