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How Much Does It Cost To Go To Andaman

How Much Does It Cost To Go To Andaman

Andaman, one of the most beautiful destinations in india, is capable of attracting thousands of tourists from all over india, sometimes from abroad as well. Being a hotspot of tourists all over the year, it's also better that we know an idea about how much does it actually cost to visit andaman so that we can manage our budget accordingly. So, lets have a look:

Flight: Yes, to reach Andaman you need to take a flight. Else if you have enough extra time in your hand you can search for ships and travel waterway. There are many flights operating from Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai and many other cities. Booking in advance will give you choices and also price will be low. Prices are also low during the monsoon months but then it is MONSOON.

Flight price average - one way: 4–7k(less when booked in advance); round trip- 9–14k

Stay: Hotel prices vary. You can choose accordingly. You can get various options from online sites. Pre-booking is a good idea and helped me save a lot of trouble.

Hotel: 1.5k-(luxury has no fixed amount :D)- you can also find less costly options.. do your research before booking.

Food: It is not costly when you have normal food. But similar to other places when you go for gourmet or other similar stuffs, prices will hike. Also like any other tourist place there are scammers waiting for you but still less in number. Seafood is great and also costs much less than mainland. You can keep roughly 1k for food per day(it might cost you less too). And I am not counting the booze.

In-land travel + other travels: There are various places of interest in Andaman and surrounding islands as well. So you will need money for these things. You can hire a cab which will give you a complete tour of the place: ex Port Blair. you can also book shared tours to the mud Volcano or Baratang areas going through the Jarwa forest (taking pics are not allowed on the way). Also to go to other islands like Havelock for instance you need to book ferry tickets- easily available and would not burn a hole in your pocket. So if you travel much you need to shell out. But if you want to go to a certain destination and relax then travelling expenses are low.

Other activities and shopping: Loads of water sports for you to try. Cost is similar to places in mainland India like Goa. And shopping purely subjective. There are many govt owned handcraft and textile shops. You can try them. Again for this money depends on you entirely. Indulging in things would require money but otherwise viewing the beauty of nature is free of cost.

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