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10 Things That You Dont Know About Assam

10 Things That You Dont Know About Assam

Assam, one of the most popular of all North Eastern states is known for its rich and diverse wildlife, amazing traditional cuisine, cultural dance forms and its hospitality. Favourite among the tourists around the globe, Assam is so much more than a mere tourist destination. Here are some facts which you probably did not know about Kerala. 1. Assam has its own state anthem:- Assam is the only state which has it's own state anthem known as ?O Mur Apunar Dex?. It is wriiten by famous poet Lakshminath Bezbaroa. 2. Assam celebrates Bihu thrice in a year. Bihu is one of the famous festivals in Northeast India. In Assam, Bihu is celebrated in April, January and October. 3. Guwahati is the real capital of Assam. ALthough Dizpur is the officila capital of Assam but Guwahati has all the important institutes. Guwahati houses important institutes like the High Court, National Law University, Indian Institute of Technology and even police headquarters. 4. This is the place for food lovers. Here in Assam you will get delicious North Eastern cuisines like thupka and momos but this states has numerous places which serves food from all parts of the country and some even have amazing food from all around the world. 5. Assam is one of the most progressive and globalized states in the country. 6. The weather of Assam is very pleasant. The summer months take it to not very high temperatures, around 36-37 °C (rarely does it go above 40, that too only for a short while), while the winters are also good and long. 7. Family values are excellent. Assam does not have any dowry system, rather groom's family provide the dress and jewellery for the bride which the bride must wear on the wedding. 8. The Kamakhya temple of Guwahati is one of the three most important ‘Tantric’ temples in India. 9. Jappi – Traditional sunshade is one the most prestigious bamboo items of Assam. 10. Muga is the precious silk of Assam. Gandhiji was so pleased to see the weaving style of Assam remarked “Assamese women weave fairy tales in their clothes”.

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