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Havelock Island A Small Paradise On Earth

Havelock Island A Small Paradise On Earth

Beaches are the most romantic places for couples as well as most adventurous places for family and other peoples. Havelock Island is a very tourist friendly island in Andaman. Pristine environment, White slippery sand and the crystal clear water are the golden beauty about this place. Havelock Tour Packages has its own beauty which covers beaches, mangrove trees, Lush Greenery and crystal clear waters. Havelock is the perfect destination for the super romantic honeymoon and Family Holiday. Havelock covers Three beaches itself are Radhanagar Beach, Elephanta Beach and Kala Pathar Beach. All beaches has own kind of identity like Radhanagar beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Havelock and he main Tourist attractions and the very friendly beach for the family holiday. It is just a show stopper in Havelock. The beach is decked out with snow white sands, warm shores, crystal blue water, and perfect forests. Capturing the best sunset, wander on the beach and swimming & surfing are the fun activities to do in this beach. Another is the Elephanta Beach where you can see and enjoy the ride of only water elephant on the sea shore. The most moderate and perfect escape for the solo traveler and couples. Tranquil atmosphere with the blue water makes this place more serene and relaxing. Havelock Island has one more major beach which is Kala Pathar Beach; its unblemished beauty makes it one of the most splendor places for people. Turquoise color water makes it more serene and sunbathing in hammocks in the sizzling coastlines with the black rocks is the best thing to do here. There are so many water sports activities you can do in Havelock Island like Scuba Diving, one of the most finest fun activity to do in the South Asia, another are snorkeling, Swimming with the elephants and riding in the sea plane. Now day’s Game fishing is most famous activity in Havelock. Explore the marine life itself with the live feeling of each and every tiny thing in sea is one of the best lively things and Havelock gave all of it. Plan your trip to Havelock Island in Andaman Island which is very famous for the tourist and the small paradise in South Asia.

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